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About Projectum

Projectum is shaping the modern workplace through a powerful combination of Microsoft tech and PPM solutions. Helping businesses stay on top of the latest technical developments, we shape our customer’s digital transformations. Projectum’s headquarter is based in Denmark, Copenhagen but also has locations in Aarhus and Netherlands.

Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) Consultant


Aarhus, Denmark


Are you IT-minded and eager to learn and master the PPM space and Projectum’s products? Are you interested or already worked with IT Solutions either as a user or part of an IT implementation?

The role

With us, you will join a world-class team of consultants with tons of real-life experience and certifications within PPM and the Microsoft Power Platform. The project you will be on is part of the Advanced Business Application Low Code Program as one of the few companies in the Nordics.

Your team members will have similar roles and competencies as yours, but we like to see consultants who take an interest in all the business areas of Projectum, and who are willing to help in all areas if needed.

Projectum is known for building world-class solutions that fill gaps in the marketplace that enhance reporting scenarios while making work life easier and more productive for managing financials and resources within an organization. We believe in staying ahead, ensuring that our passion is felt – and always creating amazing user experiences.

Projectum shape and sustain the modern workplace on all organizational levels, enabling efficient portfolio, project, and work management, by combining expert knowledge of the latest Microsoft technologies, deep interest in modern work trends, and real-world experience. At the end of the day, we want to bring good vibes to people working with Project Portfolio and Resource Management, and thus help companies achieve their goals.

The candidate

1-2 years of experience working with IT Solutions

  • Interest and preferably experience in the space of PPM
  • Facilitate and support workshops
  • Scope the needed work and break down tasks
  • Knowledge of various PPM Methodologies such as agile, traditional, and hybrid setups
  • Knowledge from working with IT systems either as a superuser, configuration work or system administration
  • Knowledge from implementing IT Solutions
  • Interests working with the Power Platform especially (Power Apps, Power Automate Flows & Power BI)

Additionally, it would be an advantage for us and yourself if you have the following certifications:

  • PL-100

Your consultant mindset and work habits

We are looking for someone who is:

  • Reliable
  • Respectful of agreements, other’s time and ideas, and listening to the customer’s needs
  • Structured in your work and approach to tasks, i.e., you work in an orderly manner, both independently and in groups
  • Practical and problem-solving oriented
  • Balanced between entrepreneurial thoughts and ideas and standardization, depending on the customer’s needs
  • Professional approach to our customers and colleagues, and treat everyone with professional courtesy

We have offices in both Aarhus and Søborg, and this position can be filled on either location.

The benefits

Projectum offers modern industry best practices as well as best in class innovative product solutions. We provide consulting services on technology implementation for strategy, project, portfolio and Resource Management Capabilities. We believe in our consultants as individuals, but we also work in a modern team-based culture. We are stronger as a team, and we grow together.

We build amazing solutions, and we have received praise for our solutions that fill gaps in the marketplace, and our solutions enhance reporting scenarios while making work life easier and more productive – especially managing financials and resources within an organization. At Projectum we stay ahead of the curve, with passion and with the goal in mind of creating amazing solutions and user experiences.

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