True Welcomes Chris Baars as Chief Commercial Officer

True Welcomes Chris Baars as Chief Commercial Officer

Written by Jan Peter Alberda 15 March 2024

Written by Jan Peter Alberda

15 March 2024

15 March 2024, Amsterdam, Netherlands: True, a leading managed hosting provider in the Netherlands, part of The Digital Neighborhood, proudly announces the appointment of Chris Baars as its new Chief Commercial Officer, effective March 2024. The appointment further strengthens True’s leadership and position in the Dutch Digital Infrastructure Market

With a rich background in both corporate giants like KPN and dynamic start-ups, Baars brings a wealth of experience to True’s executive leadership team.

In his new role, Baars will spearhead True’s strategic initiatives aimed at bolstering its position as the go-to partner for cloud-native businesses in the Netherlands. He will also leverage his expertise to forge stronger collaborations across The Digital Neighborhood areas of expertise: Cloud Infrastructure & Security, Cloud Consultancy & App Development, Business Management Solutions, and Data Science & Business Intelligence.

“At True, we’re not just offering off-the-shelf servers; we’re delivering value-added consulting and solutions,” says Baars. “My mission is to ensure that True remains at the forefront of the hosting and cloud industry by challenging ourselves and our clients to think differently.”

Baars’s career journey reflects a commitment to understanding the intricate needs of businesses, from large corporations to agile scale-ups. His tenure at a sustainability-focused company underscored his passion for delivering solutions that transcend traditional transactions.

“A True match,” as Baars puts it, encapsulates his alignment with True’s ethos of innovation and excellence. “True has the potential to revolutionize the hosting and cloud infrastructure market,” he adds.

Marilou van Doorn, CEO of True, echoes Baars’s sentiments, emphasizing the strategic significance of his appointment. “Chris’s deep understanding of our clients’ needs and his proven track record in scaling businesses make him an invaluable asset,” says van Doorn. “His experience and insights will play a pivotal role in driving True’s growth trajectory.”

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