The Digital Neighborhood Strengthens its Northern European Data Science & Business Intelligence Leadership Position with the Acquisition of Active Professionals

The Digital Neighborhood Strengthens its Northern European Data Science & Business Intelligence Leadership Position with the Acquisition of Active Professionals

Written by Jan Peter Alberda 27 November 2023

Written by Jan Peter Alberda

27 November 2023

27 November 2023, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: The Digital Neighborhood, a growing community of 14 independent tech companies specializing in Microsoft Cloud and AI, is pleased to introduce Active Professionals as the newest member of the Neighborhood. Active Professionals, a prominent Data Intelligence specialist in The Netherlands, joins The Digital Neighborhood in a strategic partnership set to enhance the company’s Data Science & Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities across Northern Europe.

Active Professionals, renowned for its expertise in Talend, Qlik, and PowerBI, significantly bolsters The Digital Neighborhood’s Data Science & BI Practice alongside 2Foqus and Cmotions. This collaboration allows the Group to offer an even more comprehensive solution to its valued customers, providing essential real-time, reliable, and accurate business intelligence to expertly guide their organizations.

Jean-Yves Charlier, CEO of The Digital Neighborhood, says, “The integration of Active Professionals into The Digital Neighborhood is a significant step towards achieving our ambitious growth plans. This acquisition now firmly establishes us as one of the leading Data Science and BI specialists in Northern Europe.”

Active Professionals and 2Foqus, together form a formidable combination in the realm of Data Science & BI. While The Neighborhood’s 2Foqus excels in TimeXtender, Qlik and PowerBI, Active Professionals’ expertise in Talend, Qlik, and PowerBI enhances the Neighborhood’s capability to cover the full spectrum of a customer’s data journey, from formulating data strategies to data visualization. This partnership seamlessly integrates both brands’ strengths, offering customers a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

Active Professionals introduces a talented pool of 35 new data scientists to The Digital Neighborhood. Among them, 20 are Qlik certified consultants, and 15 hold Microsoft certifications, augmenting The Digital Neighborhood’s expertise and reinforcing the Group’s commitment to its Microsoft-first strategy.

Together with Cmotions, another specialist in data science within The Digital Neighborhood, Active Professionals will bring invaluable data strategy insights to address the BI and reporting needs of major European enterprises.

The synergy between Active Professionals, 2Foqus and Cmotions now, with 100 data professionals, adds further strength to The Digital Neighborhood’s geographic footprint to include Apeldoorn, Breda, and Rotterdam. This strategic alliance also solidifies the Group’s reputation in talent acquisition, offering an enriching ecosystem for professional growth and development that attracts the industry’s best.

The transaction between the companies has been signed and is set to close in December 2023.

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