The Digital Neighborhood Accelerates Copilot and AI Leadership with Strategic Appointments

The Digital Neighborhood Accelerates Copilot and AI Leadership with Strategic Appointments

Written by Jan Peter Alberda 18 June 2024

Written by Jan Peter Alberda

18 June 2024

The Digital Neighborhood Accelerates Copilot and AI Leadership with Strategic Appointments. Aki Antman takes on the full-time role as Head of AI and Copilot, while Mika Sarhimaa transitions to CEO of Sulava

18 June 2024, Amsterdam, The Netherlands:The Digital Neighborhood, a growing community of leading independent tech companies specializing in Microsoft AI and Cloud, is rapidly advancing the Copilot and AI frontiers, solidifying its leadership in Northern and Western Europe.

As one of Microsoft’s leading Copilot partners globally, The Digital Neighborhood is empowering its customers through innovation, accelerating growth initiatives, and empowering employees. This is achieved by delivering unprecedented productivity, efficiency gains, and cost savings through the integration of AI and Copilots into its traditional services and pioneering new AI-driven solutions.

Following the strategic announcement in November 2023 on the establishment of The Digital Neighborhood’s AI Arm under Aki Antman, founder of Sulava, we are pleased to announce that Aki will now focus exclusively on leading the AI Arm. This move follows the Copilot and AI momentum that the group is witnessing and highlights The Digital Neighborhood’s commitment to transforming business strategies and operations through AI integration.

In light of Aki’s appointment, Mika Sarhimaa, who has been serving as Sulava’s COO, will step into the role of CEO at Sulava. Mika joined Sulava in November 2023, where he has excelled in driving the business forward in Helsinki and beyond. His leadership and extensive experience in Microsoft technologies have been pivotal in Sulava’s continued innovation and customer engagement. Mika’s appointment as CEO ensures that Sulava will continue to thrive under strong leadership.

Jean-Yves Charlier, CEO of The Digital Neighborhood, said, “We are committed to supporting our customers in implementing Copilot and AI technologies, and as such, we are delighted that Aki Antman, a thought leader on Microsoft technologies, will now be leading our Copilot & AI Arm across North and Western Europe, full time. We are equally delighted that Mika Sarhimaa will now be leading Sulava as its new Chief Executive Officer. I want to wish both every success in their new roles.”

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