Sulava’s Aki Antman responds to Elon Musk over AI pause

Sulava’s Aki Antman responds to Elon Musk over AI pause

Written by Aki Antman, CEO of Sulava 31 March 2023

Written by Aki Antman, CEO of Sulava

31 March 2023

Yesterday, The Guardian reported that Elon Musk is one of 1,000 people who’ve signed an open letter calling for a pause on the creation of ‘giant AI digital minds’. Aki Antman, CEO of The Digital Neighborhood’s Metaverse specialist arm, Sulava, shares his views on the matter.

Any new technological developments always need to be carefully controlled, monitored, and managed in a responsible manner, especially with immersive technologies like AI and the immersive web3, aka the Metaverse.

If developed responsibly, with effective research, constant testing and control, these technologies have enormous positive potential. However, in the wrong environments and disclosed to the public too quickly, they can have a negative impact.

“We need responsible and open development environments, players and progress. But we do not need fake timeouts.”

Pauses to the development of technology will only serve those who are far behind in the innovation process and are still catching up with their research. Asking leaders to halt innovation development in technology is not progress.

OpenAI is a relatively new company that has tremendous potential and skills. Its major investor and partner, Microsoft, has focused on AI since Bill Gates founded Microsoft Research back in 1991.

Microsoft Responsible AI principles are comprehensive and have a long history in the field of privacy and governance. In my opinion, it’s to safe to assume that OpenAI will be responsible in its AI development and there is enough regulation in place to enforce that.

It is for the above reasons, our team at Sulava has been working closely with Microsoft on AI based productivity solutions since we were born in the cloud back in 2010. As part of this, we have been using early preview versions of OpenAI Azure Service for a long time now, to build solutions for our customers based on their internal data, knowledge and processes.

The feedback has been nothing short of positive. Solutions based on OpenAI Azure Service are more than just a game changer – they are opening a whole new world of business and productivity opportunities that create a better work-life for every one of our employees and customers. When we combine AI with web3 technologies, especially in the metaverse, we generate new kinds of employee experiences for both frontline and backend workers.

What we need to do is advocate for openness and responsible development of AI and then focus on how to utilize this amazing innovation to make our work and lives better.

It would have been a bad move if timeouts were forced on tech innovations like TCP/IP, Netscape, Google, touch screens, iPhone, Tesla cars or autopilot. So why should this be any different? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Aki Antman
CEO & Co-founder, Sulava

Sulava is a proud member of The Digital Neighborhood

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