Sulava Wins Microsoft Partner of The Year Award in the Modern Work Category for The Fourth Consecutive year

Sulava Wins Microsoft Partner of The Year Award in the Modern Work Category for The Fourth Consecutive year

Written by The Digital Neighborhood, Marketing 27 June 2023

Written by The Digital Neighborhood, Marketing

27 June 2023

Helsinki, Finland – 27 June 2023

Sulava, a leading Finnish Workplace Consultancy provider, part of The Digital Neighborhood, has been honored with the prestigious Microsoft Partner of the Year in the Modern work category award for the fourth consecutive year. This achievement reaffirms Sulava’s global leadership in Microsoft cloud solutions.

With 700+ customers across 100+ countries, Sulava has been at the forefront of digital transformation since 2010. The latest award in the Modern Work category recognizes Sulava’s groundbreaking work in revolutionizing the employee experience for office workers and frontline staff. Its Modern Work CloudFRA solutions achieved an impressive 793.6% year-on-year growth, solidifying Sulava as Microsoft’s key Modern Work Cloud partner in Finland.

By leveraging advanced tools like Microsoft Teams Premium, Viva, Teams Rooms, and OpenAI Azure Service in combination with Power Platform/Teams as a Platform, Sulava goes beyond traditional collaboration to enhance employee productivity and engagement. The company’s commitment to the future of work includes guiding customers towards the Metaverse and utilizing Microsoft Teams Mesh for immersive meetings, enriched by OpenAI Azure Service.

Past year, Sulava’s success in driving modern work tools was achieved through strategic collaboration with Microsoft Finland’s sales team and marketing. Sulava’s customer-focused approach encompasses introducing Microsoft Viva, leveraging Microsoft Teams as the central platform for work, and empowering frontline workers. Notably, Sulava ranks among the top 25 global organizations in Teams Premium adoption and is recognized as a top Viva Customer Connect Champion Program (VCCP) organization by the Viva Product Team.

Sulava has also played a crucial role in upskilling hundreds of thousands of individuals through its learning services and change management projects. Its training programs, covering areas like using the possibilities of AI, effective use of everyday tools and low code/no code on Power Platform, empower employees across various industries to enhance their modern work skills.

As Sulava secures the Microsoft Partner of the Year award for the fourth time, the company remains committed to driving digital transformation and improving the employee experience for organizations worldwide.

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Sulava is a leading Finnish cloud partner, providing innovative Microsoft cloud solutions since 2010. With a team of over 120 experts, Sulava serves over 700 customers worldwide, driving digital transformation and improving working life through technology.

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