Microsoft Names The Digital Neighborhood as a Global Leader in AI

Microsoft Names The Digital Neighborhood as a Global Leader in AI

Written by Jan Peter Alberda 27 June 2024

Written by Jan Peter Alberda

27 June 2024

Microsoft Names The Digital Neighborhood as a Global Leader in AI with Four Prestigious Partner of the Year Awards

27 June 2024: Amsterdam, The Netherlands: The Digital Neighborhood, a community of interconnected European tech companies specializing in Microsoft AI and Cloud, was honored with four prestigious Microsoft Partner of the Year awards last night in Redmond, WA. These accolades affirm the group’s global leadership in AI and Copilot, spotlighting its AI Arm and Finnish brand, Sulava, for its pioneering contributions to the Microsoft ecosystem.

The awards include:

  • Global Microsoft Copilot Partner Finalist
  • Finnish Copilot for Microsoft 365 Partner of the Year
  • Global Microsoft Training Services Partner Finalist
  • Microsoft’s Finnish Influencer of the Year, awarded to Aki Antman, Head of The Digital Neighborhood’s AI & Copilot Arm and founder of Sulava

Serving a network of 2,400 customers across Northern Europe and the UAE, The Digital Neighborhood’s success is built on the expertise of over 1,335 consultants, engineers, and other specialists. The Group’s strong relationship with Microsoft, highlighted by the presence of 17 Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) among its ranks, exemplifies its commitment to deep technology expertise and leadership development. This collective strength drives innovation and excellence in intelligent AI applications, ensuring impactful results for their customers.

Jean-Yves Charlier, CEO of The Digital Neighborhood, said, “The global Microsoft awards are a testament to our rapid growth and strategic innovation in leading technology. Our group’s recognition as a pioneer in both AI and Microsoft Copilot initiatives illustrates our commitment to driving forward-thinking solutions that deliver measurable business value. The Digital Neighborhood is empowering its customers with unprecedented productivity, efficiency gains, and cost savings by integrating AI and Copilots into its traditional services and pioneering new AI-driven solutions.”

The Digital Neighborhood’s success has grown through its robust Microsoft capabilities and strategic AI investments, evidenced by working with over 200 customers to bring Copilot for
Microsoft 365 to 70,000 users since its public market launch in November 2023. Sulava alone has developed Azure OpenAI Service-based applications for approximately 50 customers in the past six months. This extensive experience reflects the organization’s ability to transform businesses through AI innovation.

Aki Antman, the Head of The Digital Neighborhood’s AI & Copilot Arm, said, “Being recognized on Microsoft’s global stage not only reinforces the impact of our work but also enhances our ability to bring transformative AI solutions to our clients. Our early and continuous investments in AI training and Copilot are setting new industry standards, enabling businesses to harness the true power of Copilots. Our global partnership with Microsoft has been pivotal in our journey to becoming industry leaders, especially in product development and testing, often before technology is even publicly launched on the market.”

The Digital Neighborhood’s recognition as a leading player in Microsoft’s global Partner of the Year Awards, selected from over 4,700 nominations spanning more than 100 countries, underscores the significance and rarity of such honors in the European context.

In alignment with The Digital Neighborhood’s strategic commitment to Copilot and AI, Aki Antman will be releasing a book in Q4 2024 on the transformative role that AI is playing and will continue to play in business. The book will highlight customer use cases, showcasing the significant efficiency, productivity, and engagement gains achieved through AI and Copilot technologies. This initiative emphasizes our focus on leading our customers in AI adoption to ensure their future success.

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About The Digital Neighborhood: The Digital Neighborhood is a community of interconnected European tech companies specializing in Microsoft AI and Cloud. With over 1,335 IT engineers across seven countries, the organization provides a seamless and integrated AI-driven approach to business transformation. Its community includes True and Fullstaq, Pink Elephant, Iquality, 2Foqus, Active Professionals, Cmotions, Focus Enterprise Solutions, GAC Business Solutions, Delegate, Projectum, and Sulava. Headquartered in Amsterdam, The Digital Neighborhood is committed to helping its customers embrace what’s next and realize their digital ambitions. “Partner with one of us and you can call on all of us.”

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