Inspiring women at The Digital Neighborhood – Marije Slagman

Inspiring women at The Digital Neighborhood – Marije Slagman

Written by Marketing, The Digital Neighborhood 12 January 2023

Written by Marketing, The Digital Neighborhood

12 January 2023

Marije Slagman | Group Director Accounting and Reporting at Broad Horizon since April 2021 | 46 years | Mum | Innovator | Compelling | People manager 

Marije likes a challenge, which is why she feels in her element when she explains her role within the Broad Horizon Group. Marije resolutely starts her day with a yellow post-it note where her main tasks of the day are jotted down, but unforeseen circumstances tend to flip her planning. Not a day goes by without some unexpected situation, and she would not have it any other way.

International experience
Marije studied International Business at Maastricht University. It was there that she won the ‘Professor Nordemann Thesis Prize’ for her work on internal audit departments. Her achievements also allowed her to study in Hong Kong for six months. “This was very instructive and has helped me in my professional career. When I worked at Ernst & Young, my husband and I lived and worked in New York for 18 months, this also was a very enriching experience!

Group dynamics
Before working at Broad Horizon, Marije built an impressive career as Finance professional in companies such as Ernst & Young and KPN. When being appointed for the job at Broad Horizon her main task was to create a new department with a dedicated team. “It’s been great to see how this department has grown and developed over the past year and that I have found the right people for the various functions within the department,” says Marije. “Finance in general has a rather dull connotation because of the repetitive character of the job. I guess this makes us atypical, as our working days can be quite unpredictable. It requires colleagues with the right mindset and flexibility, but for me, this is what makes my job exciting and challenging. Group dynamics are important to me and that is why I very clearly describe our working environment to applicants to avoid disappointments from both sides.” 

Entrepreneurial mindset
Besides building a team and developing the department, Marije has set up policies and guidelines on a group level for all businesses that are part of the Broad Horizon Group. “Interaction with our businesses is key and something I enjoy very much. It is wonderful to meet the different entrepreneurs who stand proudly behind their companies and are very much involved in daily operations.” She continues: “Their passion and drive are contagious and we are glad to offer them specific expertise that they might not hold within their company.” 

Mother as Mayor
When asking Marije who had a strong influence on her when growing up, she immediately states her mother. “Mum was a kindergarten teacher who became mayor of her town. She was always great at combining a busy job with family time. Being a female mayor was not so common a few decennia back, and so it often occurred that when she attended official functions with my dad, people always presumed he was the mayor, much to the jolly of my mother. Mum was very social and people-oriented, and I’m glad I have this from her because it has often proven valuable, especially in a Finance and Tech environment.

While working for KPN, she had great respect for the CFO and Board Member at KPN. “During a 3-hour meeting with our department, she did not once look at her mobile phone. It made us feel very valuable and appreciated.” For Marije it is also important to tackle conversations and give people the attention they deserve in a professional environment. 

Balancing two roles
Marije is married and has two boys, aged 10 and 12. She has always enjoyed combining a full-time job with motherhood. “It gets easier now they are a little older as they become more independent, but I would not have done it any other way”. 

Favorite saying
‘Work hard, play hard!’ Give all you have in your job and take responsibility but free up time to have fun both on a professional level and at home as well. That is what counts for Marije. “All work and no play is not feasible in a demanding environment, being able to have fun with colleagues will help to enhance the team spirit and will have a positive impact on the group in the long run.

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