Inspiring women at The Digital Neighborhood – Brigitte Jacobs

Inspiring women at The Digital Neighborhood – Brigitte Jacobs

Written by Marketing, The Digital Neighborhood 16 February 2023

Written by Marketing, The Digital Neighborhood

16 February 2023

Brigitte Jacobs | Manager Division Hardware at Pink Elephant since October 2014 | 58 years | Energetic | IT enthusiast | Team player | Optimist

Before working at Pink Elephant, Brigitte headed her own IT company for 17 years. She made an unconscious choice at the beginning of her career to work in IT, but that turned out to be a decision she has not regretted. What makes this sector so fascinating for her, and why is she planning on many more years in this industry? 

Consequential internship
As part of her economic studies at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Brigitte followed an internship in an IT environment. Even though it was not her initial ambition to work in this industry, she very quickly realized that she wanted to pursue a career in this sector. “At the beginning of my career, I sometimes lacked confidence, especially regarding professional choices. Luckily for me, my first steps in the IT world were very positive, thanks to a manager who believed in me and saw my potential. I soon realized that this was the sector in which I wanted to grow and learn. The Tech industry is so much more than hard- and software, it’s mainly about the people, and to this day, this remains my main motivation.

Diversion & inclusion
Brigitte leads a team of 8 people and sees herself very much as part of the team; helping and giving guidance where needed, steering and motivating at the same time. “I’m incredibly proud of what we have achieved as a team over the past years, not only regarding turnover but also because our department is now an integral part of the company. We have a very diverse team, and for me, this is important as it gives energy and allows us to grow together.” 

Role model
Having brought up two boys while working full-time might sound daunting for some people, but it was an obvious choice for Brigitte. “My two adult sons have a lot of respect for women on the work floor. I hope to have set a good example of how women can combine a full-time job whilst being a happy mum and spouse at home. I would not have done it any other way, and I’m convinced this has in some way helped my sons to fully respect women both in a professional environment and on a personal level.” 

Women attract women
According to Brigitte, it is proven that a company that has women in managerial positions, automatically attracts other women. It’s all about skills and diversity! Companies who understand this will attract a lot more skilled women for the required jobs. Brigitte continues: “Someone once said: If you want a company to be big, then attract men. If you want a company to do better, then attract women. If you want a company to be perfect, make sure you find the right balance between men and women! I tend to agree with this.

When I started my career in IT, over 30 years ago, it was not an obvious choice for a woman, as there were still a lot of skeptics around. I’m glad to see that these times are over, especially within our company and the Broad Horizon group!

A day in the professional life of Brigitte
Coffee first and then it’s off to the office for Brigitte. “There is not a day that goes by without sitting down with my team in the morning and going through the daily agendas and exchanging ideas on how we can help each other. For me, this is crucial as it gives me insights into their tasks, and gives us time to interact as a team and help each other when needed.

Favorite saying
Everything will be all right!” For Brigitte, it’s about getting things done, because in most cases, this is often the solution to a problem. “Whatever we encounter as a team, we must always remember that at the end of the day all will be fine.” This is not just part of her positive attitude but is also her way of dealing with difficult situations or problem cases. She concludes: ”It doesn’t help to sob about it, instead tackle the problem as a team and you will be able to achieve positive results together!

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