Go with your gut

Go with your gut

Written by Marketing, The Digital Neighborhood 15 March 2023

Written by Marketing, The Digital Neighborhood

15 March 2023

with Lilian Stenholt Thomsen

An expert in all things Power Platform, Lilian talks work, weekends and Kirsten Bell’s next big role.

So, what do you do around here?

I come from a communications and software development background, so over the years I’ve been involved in a variety of projects. Currently, I’m Principle Consultant at Delegate – involved in all things Power Platform. No two days are the same. One day I’ll be speaking at a Power Platform event, the next I’ll be planning, scoping, and building awesome solutions with my colleagues and customers.

What’s the biggest project on your desk at the moment?

It’s a solution that will affect people from top to bottom in a large production company. They’re introducing more streamlined performance tracking processes, so our tooling needs to support this while not being the focus of any discussions. The process is THE most important part here, which sparks a few interesting discussions regarding the tooling roadmap.

What has your current role taught you?

I’m one of those people who almost always has an opinion and something to say. For many years, I’ve been working on listening more. I must admit, it’s been a difficult journey – but definitely worth it! Building on this, I’ve recently realized the importance of silence. This is about creating space in the room for new ideas to settle before we discuss them.

So, we know what you do between Monday and Friday, but what’s your dream Sunday?

Sundays are for doing absolutely nothing. A walk around the lake, some good food, and time on the couch with my family.

Who would play you in a Netflix series about your life?

Good question. First of all, I’m not sure anyone would want to watch a series about a single mom trying to juggle parenting, work and a social life. But, if they did, I would say Kristen Bell. She’s very verbal about the things she cares about, she’s funny, and she’s difficult to ignore. Plus, she’s slightly awkward at times!

I can see the poster now! Finally, we want to increase knowledge sharing within our Neighborhood. What can you teach people?

As a consultant, my primary skill is communicating complex topics in an easily understood way. There are upsides to being a geeky communicator – and I’d be happy to share them with my neighbors!

I’m sure they’d be happy to learn. How can your neighbors get in touch?

Reach out to lst@delegate.dk! I look forward to hearing from you.

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