GAC Business Solutions Empowers Dutch Trade Sector with Enhanced Supply Chain Capabilities through ACA IT-Solutions Partnership

GAC Business Solutions Empowers Dutch Trade Sector with Enhanced Supply Chain Capabilities through ACA IT-Solutions Partnership

Written by Jan Peter Alberda 07 February 2024

Written by Jan Peter Alberda

07 February 2024

A move aimed at enhancing efficiency and productivity within the Dutch trade sector

7 February 2024: GAC Business Solutions (GAC), a leading provider of business software in the Netherlands, andmember of The Digital Neighborhood, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with ACA IT-Solutions, which will serve as the Dutch reseller for GAC’s TRADE365 platform. This collaboration significantly enhances GAC’s national supply chain expansion through the ACA network, boosting TRADE365’s market visibility and reach throughout the Netherlands.

TRADE365, a bespoke and proven trade platform from GAC, is built upon the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. This advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is tailor-made for the trade industry, equipped with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to refine trade processes, boost operational efficiency, and elevate productivity. By integrating key business functionalities including supply chain management, sales, finance, and customer relationship management, TRADE365 delivers a holistic, secure, and user-friendly experience. It meets the trade sector’s specific requirements, challenges, and consumer needs, streamlining operations and fostering profitability through its emphasis on functionality and efficiency.

Known for its agility, TRADE365 operates on a ‘plug and play’ principle, liberating enterprises from the limitations associated with traditional software systems. It delivers smooth, consistent updates while avoiding the substantial costs and operational interruptions typical of legacy technology implementations and enhancements. With an implementation time nearly 50% faster than traditional ERP solutions, TRADE365 positions businesses for competitive advantage with minimal operational downtime.

Arthur van Kooij, CEO of GAC Business Solutions, comments on the collaboration: “Our partnership with ACA IT-Solutions is a strategic move for GAC to expand the reach and impact of TRADE365 across the Netherlands. Leveraging ACA’s expertise in innovative IT solutions, we aim to provide more businesses with the TRADE365 platform. It’s uniquely tailored for the trade industry and features cutting-edge technology, faster implementation, and lower maintenance and upgrade costs.”

With its focus on ongoing innovation, GAC Business Solutions is committed to the continuous enhancement of the TRADE365 platform, with plans to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the coming year. This future integration aims to introduce superior automation capabilities, time savings, and an elevated level of service intuitiveness. The incorporation of AI into ERP software will mark a new era of dynamic, customer-focused operations within the trade sector.

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