Fullstaq and Beyond Blue Join The Digital Neighborhood, Strengthening Expertise in the Cloud Native Space

Fullstaq and Beyond Blue Join The Digital Neighborhood, Strengthening Expertise in the Cloud Native Space

Written by The Digital Neighborhood, Marketing 14 July 2023

Written by The Digital Neighborhood, Marketing

14 July 2023

14 July 2023: Amsterdam, The Netherlands: The Digital Neighborhood, a growing community of 11 independent tech companies, specializing in all things data, Microsoft and the cloud, announce the addition of Fullstaq and Beyond Blue to its group of brands. The move aims to deepen and strengthen The Digital Neighborhood’s expertise in the cloud native space, catering to the growing demands of the European market.

Fullstaq, a rapidly expanding cloud-native IT services consulting company that empowers Kubernetes ambitions for start-ups and enterprises, is the parent brand to Beyond Blue. Beyond Blue acts a ‘divemaster’ that guides organizations as they delve into the depths of Azure. With their extensive expertise and shared passion for open-source technology, both companies form strong partnerships for The Digital Neighborhood brand’s: True (Netherlands), Delegate and Sulava (Nordics).

The synergy between True and Fullstaq unlocks innovation potential for a unique end-to-end service offering in Kubernetes and Cloud native technology for Dutch customers. With their strong backgrounds in the Open-Source community, and established pioneers in the Dutch Kubernetes market, Fullstaq excels in readiness assessments, roadmaps, migrations, and implementations, while True specializes in managed hosting and continuous improvement of cloud technology services. This collaboration enables them to cater to a wider range of customers and deliver exceptional value by bridging the gap between consulting and managed services. Their combined strengths and expertise will provide comprehensive end-to-end services, ensuring a seamless experience throughout the entire cloud journey for customers. Furthermore, the partnership allows Fullstaq to tap into the SMB market (which True specializes in), while granting True access to the SMB+ (and eventually the enterprise) market.

CEO of The Digital Neighborhood, Jean-Yves Charlier said, “The addition of Fullstaq and Beyond Blue into The Digital Neighborhood accelerates our growth trajectory. The synergies and opportunities these brands bring to our community will enable us to leverage each other’s deep tech expertise in the cloud native and Kubernetes space, strengthening our ability to deliver advanced end-to-end cloud solutions that drive growth, and maximize value for our clients.

The collaboration enables Beyond Blue to leverage True’s existing knowledge and experience as one of the Netherlands’ three Azure Specialists for ISVs, enhancing its Azure and AKS services with the incredible Microsoft knowledge and expertise from Beyond Blue’s Azure community. This synergy creates new opportunities for shared growth, allowing both companies to expand their offerings and provide enhanced services to their customers.

Delegate and Sulava, two other revered brands within The Digital Neighborhood, bring extensive expertise in Microsoft services to the partnership. With a focus on Data/AI, software development, and Azure infrastructure, Delegate and Sulava are well positioned to further strengthen Beyond Blue’s strong foundation in infrastructure and shared aspirations in Data/AI and software development. Together, they aim to capitalize on their synergies, drive innovation, and enhance customer service.

The deal between the companies has been signed and is set to close during the summer of 2023. 

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About The Digital Neighborhood  

The Digital Neighborhood is your go-to destination for deep cloud, Microsoft and data expertise. Together, we’re a growing community of 11 entrepreneurial tech companies with over 1,250 IT consultants, engineers and employees. All leading in our own fields, we specialize in all things Microsoft, data and the Cloud. The Digital Neighborhood is made up of True, DMP, Pink Elephant, Cmotions, Focus Enterprise Solutions, GAC, Delegate, Projectum, 2Foqus, Sulava and Iquality. Based in seven countries, our HQ is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  


About Fullstaq

Fullstaq is a fast-growing cloud-native IT services company that helps both start-ups and enterprises realize their Kubernetes ambitions. Fullstaq focuses primarily on the continuous development and management of DevOps-driven cloud solutions and container platforms, often based on Open Source automation tooling and Infra-as-a-code. Fullstaq was founded in 2016 by Open Source engineers Gerrit Tamboer and Fabian Met, specialists in DevOps, cloud, and container platforms.


About Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue is the leading Azure-focused IT service company in the Netherlands. We empower start-ups, scale-ups, and enterprises to create scalable, secure, and flexible cloud-native solutions on Microsoft Azure. With a strong belief in the future of Azure, Beyond Blue provides comprehensive services, including implementation, observability, security, FinOps, and adoption. Our team of Azure experts, including MVPs, MCTs, AKS specialists, and containerization experts, ensures exceptional support for our clients.


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