Arthur van Kooij Appointed CEO of GAC

Arthur van Kooij Appointed CEO of GAC

Written by Jan Peter Alberda 26 May 2023

Written by Jan Peter Alberda

26 May 2023

26 May 2023: Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

The Digital Neighborhood, a growing community of 11 independent tech companies specializing in Microsoft, data, and the Cloud, is pleased to announce the appointment of Arthur van Kooij as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GAC Business Solutions – its Microsoft Dynamics 365 business software and consultancy brand, based in Oirschot, Bunnik and Ghent. 

Arthur has played a central role in GAC Business Solutions’ senior management team for the past eight years, making significant contributions to the company’s strategic growth objectives. As the leading, and rapidly expanding, Microsoft Business Application partner in the Benelux region, GAC Business Solutions aims to further strengthen its market position in the coming years. 

Jean-Yves Charlier, CEO of The Digital Neighborhood said, “We wish Arthur much success in his new role. Having extensive experience in The Digital Neighborhood, I have full confidence in his ability to drive GAC’s growth and foster strong customer relationships.”  

As successor to Erik van Driel, who sadly passed away in April 2023, Arthur brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record to his new role. With Arthur’s appointment, the DNA and culture of GAC Business Solutions will continue to thrive, ensuring continuity and a positive work environment. 

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About GAC Business Solutions 

GAC Business Solutions is a leading supplier of Microsoft Dynamics 365 business software and associated consultancy. We are an ambitious and innovative software company that focuses on two points: Cooperation with the customer and personal development of our employees. We deliver future-proof solutions based on standard software with which our customers realize their growth ambitions. 

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