Cloud Infrastructure & Security

Putting the cloud to work

The way we work is more flexible than ever.
That means our IT has to be too.

Across the world, organizations need more secure IT platforms to build on. Platforms that can flex with dynamic business cycles, the growing demands of end users, and continuously evolving security and compliance standards.

Offering both data security and flexibility, public, hybrid and private cloud-based solutions are increasingly a better fit for today’s changing business needs. The only real decision you need to take is which model suits your business best. That’s where we come in.

Set up in the cloud

Within The Digital Neighborhood, we can provide fully managed services for setting up and optimizing your cloud operations.

Whether you’re ready to migrate to a public cloud or need some extra help running your own managed or hybrid cloud environment, our certified specialists are here to help.

Our Neighborhood

cloud infrastructure experts

Keeping your data safe with a range of storage, backup and data management solutions.

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Consulting for you to realize your ambitions across the entire Microsoft cloud spectrum.

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Helping you realize your modern workplace ambitions, while ‘making IT personal’.

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Helping you make a ‘smooth’ journey towards fully embracing cloud technology.

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Scaling your ambitions through managed hosting and cutting-edge cloud tech.

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Helping both start-ups and enterprises realise their Kubernetes ambitions.

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Exploring the possibilities of Microsoft Azure for your specific situation.

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