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Each of our businesses is a leader in its own specialist field, or it wouldn’t be in our Neighborhood. It’s as simple as that.

Focused on Microsoft, data, and the cloud, our businesses specialize in infrastructure, security, applications, business management, data science, and business intelligence.

In this Neighborhood, we’re fluent in Microsoft and a leading partner in Northern Europe. Between us, we have multiple inner circle members, all six solution partner designations, nine specializations, and 17 MVPs. It all adds up to a deep understanding of how to make Microsoft tech work for your business. Whatever the size of your organization and whatever industry you’re in, together we’ll take care of your IT.

Microsoft specializations

  • Business Applications: Low Code Application Development
  • Business Applications: Small and Midsize Business Management
  • Modern Work: Adoption and Change Management
  • Modern Work: Calling for Microsoft Teams
  • Modern Work: Meetings and Meeting Rooms for Microsoft Teams
  • Modern Work: Teamwork Deployment
  • Infrastructure: Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Infrastructure: Infra and Database Migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Digital and App Innovation: Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure

Our growing Neighborhood

Working both independently and together, we solve all kinds of digital challenges. Explore the Neighborhood below.

Cloud Infrastructure & Security

Helping you realize your modern workplace ambitions, while ‘making IT personal’.

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Scaling your ambitions through managed hosting and cutting-edge cloud tech.

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Helping both start-ups and enterprises realize their Kubernetes ambitions.

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Cloud Consultancy & App Development

Consulting for you to realize your ambitions across the entire Microsoft cloud spectrum.

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Supporting you in creating and maintaining bespoke cloud-based applications.

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Simplifying how you execute complex programs in the project portfolio management space.

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Helping you make a smooth journey towards fully embracing cloud technology.

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Business Management Solutions

Solving your ERP challenges while focusing on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management (F&O).

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Supporting Microsoft Dynamics customers in your cloud and business application journey.

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Data Science

Helping you make the most of your data using advanced data science tech like predictive analysis.

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Creating intelligent, insight-led businesses by helping you understand the true value of your data.

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Unleashing your (Big) data's potential, from architecture setup to deep analysis, forecasting, and actionable insights.

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Awards & accolades

When one of us wins, we all win.

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