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YES! AI can make the PMO stronger

YES! AI can make the PMO stronger

AI doesn’t just write your emails, it can support the PMO.

Well, it can help you, at least!

Too many people aren’t getting the full value of AI. Maybe you’re stuck on generating text or answering basic questions.

Generative AI can do so much more. Pulling from vast amounts of data it gives you the starting point for the most common tasks for the PMO. With AI, you can try out more strategies, test more things, and make more informed decisions going forward.

At Projectum, we’ve been using AI to get ahead for more than a year.

Jacob was one of the frontrunners in implementing AI tools in PMOs, so he’ll give you a take from real life on what AI means for the future.

In this session, Jacob Hansen from Projectum shows you 7 tried-and-tested use cases for AI in the PMO – with live demos of course!