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Sulava Webinar: How to do a successful Copilot deployment?

Sulava Webinar: How to do a successful Copilot deployment?

Many employees already use artificial intelligence in their daily work somehow. How can the whole organization benefit from it and make sure that it takes advantage of the opportunities and efficiency boost it offers? Work, as we know it, must be transformed with artificial intelligence and the whole organization must participate in this change.

The topic has many issues to consider: How can artificial intelligence be deployed in a controlled and sensible way? Who is responsible for the change in working methods? Who educates the whole organization to make the most of artificial intelligence? How does the work environment stay secure and evergreen? How do you take care of governance and compliance? Or how do you extend Copilot and make it your own?

There are countless questions and considerations when implementing AI that may not even come to mind immediately.

Join us for a free webinar, where our experts Aku Heikkerö and Senni Hautala will explain how to get started with artificial intelligence and introduce the Essentials Service, which helps your organization use the Microsoft Copilot service that is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. We will also share the experiences and benefits of using Copilot from our customers who are already using it!


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