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Data & Analytics Event 2024

Data & Analytics Event 2024

June 20 @ 9:00 am5:00 pm


Data & Analytics Event 2024




Annually, 2Foqus, Active Professionals and Cmotions organizes the Data & Analytics Event. A day filled with inspiration featuring leading guest speakers, intriguing breakout sessions, and colleagues from the Data Management and Data & Analytics field to engage with.

The program is outlined below, with exact details to follow soon!

Do you want to join us on June 20, 2024, at the Topsport venue Omnisport? Then, sign up now for the event.


9.00 – Registration and Welcome


10.15 – AI: THE NEXT STEP IN DATA & ANALYTICS – Kees Groenewoud & Wim Verboom

11.00 – Break

11.15 – Keynote: Hugo Haak – Assistant National Coach of the Olympic Track Cycling Team

12.00 – Lunch Break

13.00 – Break out sessions – part 1

14.00 – Break out sessions – part 2

15.15 – Break


16.15 – Wrap-up and conclusion

Closing reception


10.15 – AI: The Next Step in Data & Analytics

Speakers: Kees Groenewoud, Director of Cmotions & Wim Verboom, Lead of Product AI at Cmotions

AI in Data & Analytics: Embracing the Future

In the realm of Data & Analytics, the impact of AI is undeniable. Kees Groenewoud and Wim Verboom will explore the trends influencing data engineering, analytics, BI, and data science. They will discuss future developments in AI and how to leverage these advancements to make data processes more efficient.

11.15 – Keynote: Hugo Haak, Assistant National Coach of the Olympic Track Cycling Team

Hugo Haak was named Dutch Coach of the Year in 2019. In 2021, Hugo led the team to win 3 gold medals, one silver, and one bronze at the Tokyo Olympics. Afterward, he stepped down as the national coach but is now active again as the assistant national coach for the upcoming Paris Olympics.

Hugo will share his story and explain how to transform your team into a winning team. He will discuss how innovation and data have made a significant difference and how to get all team members on board when implementing new ideas. In short, what does it take to truly win?

15:15 – The Copilot Effect on Data & Analytics

Speakers: Hans de Vlieger, Business Development Microsoft at Pink Elephant & Anton Keep, BI Consultant at 2Foqus

The launch of Copilot by Microsoft opens new AI doors. What are the possibilities of Copilot in your daily work? What impact will this tool have on data analysis? Where are these developments headed in the (possibly near) future? We will demonstrate with current data – including an exciting sports prediction you won’t want to miss!


#1 How to Choose Your Winning Data Management Tool

Speakers: Michiel Hofsteenge & Rick Knaapen, BI Consultants at 2Foqus

A data management platform provides the insights you need to advance. But how do you know which platform is the best fit for your organization? In this session, discover the variables that can determine the right choice and the options you need to consider to not only benefit from the power of a data management platform now but also be prepared for the future.

#2 Do You Beat the Data Game?

Speakers: Stijn Kuijpers, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at Cmotions & Mark Snel, BI Consultant at Cmotions

Immerse yourself in an engaging experience where you become a data detective, applying data & analytics to achieve your goal: dismantling a criminal network!

This fun and accessible session offers a hands-on introduction to the world of data, inspiring you to apply these insights in your own daily practice. By actively working with data, you’ll experience the transformative power that data-driven insights can bring.

#3. How to Win with Data: Target to Data

Get a Grip on a Data-Driven Strategy with the Target to Data Model

Speaker: Wouter van Gils, Senior Data Science Consultant at Cmotions

With the ongoing digitalization and the rise of AI, companies are inundated with data and an overwhelming number of possibilities to work with it. How can you stay successful and give data a clear place in your strategy?

In this session, learn how to build a data strategy as a roadmap towards becoming a learning and data-driven organization using the Target to Data model. Discover the four success factors that we see in practice for a successful data strategy.

#4 Reference Case: Stichting Open / WeCycle

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Data Journey

Speakers: Ralph Oudshoorn, Business Analyst at Stichting Open & Sem Lemmers, Lead Consultant at Active Professionals

What path do you take when transforming from a reactive organization to a proactive, data-driven one? What challenges will you encounter along the way? And what should you definitely do, and what should you avoid? Learn from the data journey that Stichting Open – better known as WeCycle – has undertaken over the past few years, and take these lessons back to your office to chart your own path to success.


Private: 2Foqus
Private: Cmotions
Private: Active Professionals


Private: Omnisport, Apeldoorn
De Voorwaarts 55
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