True & Lead Healthcare

Open source for a reopened society

As the Netherlands emerged from the first lockdown, the public needed a way of booking tests and displaying their Covid status to be allowed into events. Once developed, this platform would have to be fast, scalable, and solid as a rock. Working alongside Lead Healthcare, True recommended Kubernetes… and Testen voor Toegang (Testing for Access) was born.

A project on a national scale

Lead Healthcare was on a tight deadline and under a lot of pressure. After months of being cooped up, people wanted to be out and about once again. As such, big numbers were expected to use the Testen voor Toegang platform. In fact, it would need to be able to handle up to 400,000 bookings a day.


A true Kubernetes solution

With a lead time of just 1.5 months, Lead turned to True. As you’d expect, The Digital Neighborhood company recommended cloud-native tools – including Kubernetes – to develop and manage the testing platform at scale.

For those who don’t know, Kubernetes – or K8 to some – is an open-source container-orchestration tool designed by Google. Named after the Greek word for helmsman or pilot, it’s a system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. In other words, exactly what was required.


Secure and speedy

Kubernetes only responds to requests it can properly authenticate and authorize, making it secure by default. This made it perfect for Lead’s project as it freed developers to write code at speed without worrying about security.

To quicken the process even more, True applied Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. With developing, testing and deployment all automated in clear processes, Lead and True were able to release the platform bang on deadline and ready for peak traffic – right from the first download.

“The application runs smoothly and flexibly, and the performance is outstanding. It works like a charm.”

Ties Sturm
CIO, Lead Healthcare

You can read the whole case study here.

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