Cmotions & ICI PARIS XL

Loyal to their cause

The ICI PARIS XL loyalty card is a must-have accessory for Europe’s stylish shoppers. The card was the brainchild of A.S Watson Group, Benelux. To continue their growth, they needed to take a more personalized approach to marketing. Enter Cmotions, experts in proactive analytics and data science.

Award-winning collaboration 

The Digital Neighborhood’s Cmotions were brought in to take the organization’s data-driven work to the next level. Creating an Insight Hub, they empowered the ICI PARIS XL team to uncover the customer insights they needed faster than ever before. Hugely successful, this collaboration scooped the ICI PARIS XL Innovation award.


It’s a numbers game

In recent years, ICI PARIS XL has made great strides in data-driven marketing. This has been powered by information from their CRM program and sales channels, plus online and offline campaigns. Because of this, it has become easier for them to communicate with their customers in a truly personalized way.

However, it can still be difficult for the company’s marketeers to know what information is available – and where to find it. The newer the employee, the harder it gets. Many new starters waste precious time locating and interpreting the numbers they need. This is where Cmotions really came to the fore, helping to develop logical navigation systems based on history and requests.

“By bringing their expertise into our organization in such a thoughtful way, Cmotions became an active and reliable partner in the search for solutions.”

Caro Jehoul
Making life a whole lot easier

Thanks to Cmotions’ work, the Operations Manager can now see which stores aren’t meeting their customer sign-up targets in just three clicks. The Digital Neighborhood company also created highlights reporting and ran training programs on how to use and apply these reports. With the Insights Hub in place, ICI PARIS XL is finally getting the most from their data.

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