Pink Elephant & Noorderboog

Helping those who help others

Zorggroep Noorderboog provides extraordinary care for elderly people with health issues. It’s a hard job at the best of times. But, with an ageing population, a shortage of workers, and a time-consuming administration process, things were getting tougher. Pink Elephant was glad to help.

More time for people, not processes

With their deep experience in the healthcare sector and a focus on adoption, Pink Elephant was the perfect IT partner to solve Noorderboog’s digital issues. Pink came armed with Pink365. Based on Microsoft products, but with its own distinctive twist, Pink’s modern workplace delivers a social homepage where everything employees need can be found. We’re talking applications, personal and shared documents, organizational news, messages from colleagues, care protocols, and so on. Everything is accessible with just a few clicks from any device, in any location.

Ditching the complexities

The old workplace was slow and complex, making collaboration on a single document almost impossible. Naturally, there were version control issues too.

The lack of single sign-on meant care workers would have to log in several times, with different identities and passwords. No wonder sharing information was usually done verbally or over email. On top of this, when working from home, sessions were often randomly aborted.

Noorderboog outlined these issues to Pink Elephant – and the result was Noor 2.0.

Noor 2.0 is a new digital workplace designed to make life easier for care workers. Intuitive and accessible, it allows them to seamlessly connect to training and quickly access electronic patient files – whether they’re at home or in the office. It even has a new volunteer portal too.

“Our employees are delighted with Noor 2.0. The environment is easy to understand, even for those without computer knowledge.”

Jan van Pijkeren
Projectmanager ICT, Noorderboog
Free to focus on what matters

With their admin now more efficient, Noorderboog has more time for what’s most important: the incredible care they provide to the people that depend on it. After so long helping others, we’re just glad Pink Elephant and The Digital Neighborhood could help them.

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