2Foqus & Quooker

Digital expertise on tap

The history of Quooker can be traced back to the 1970s when Henri Peteri invented the world’s first boiling water faucet. Now run by his sons, the company’s latest taps offer boiling, hot, cold, fizzy, and filtered water. A business overflowing with innovation, they needed their digital tools and data insights to be just as forward-thinking.

Bringing it all together

Quooker had been working with Qlik since 2012. After a few years, they switched to the more innovative Qlik Sense with the goal of mapping their supply chain risks. Guided by 2Foqus, this became the starting point for a much broader purpose.

Using Qlik Sense, 2Foqus and Quooker mapped the mixing tap pioneer’s entire business operations, bringing together information and data from all departments – including sales, service and manufacturing.

“We mapped the entire Quooker journey. Data from the service and sales departments is now combined, which gives us valuable insights”

Geertjan Woltjes
COO, Quooker
New factory settings

Having insights from all over the business, all in one place, has led to increased efficiencies in Quooker factories. Rather than filling in time-consuming Excel overviews, employees can now create reports directly on Qlik Sense.

Better still, each test moment in the factory now has its own dashboard. This means insightful and immediate action can be taken the moment something goes wrong.

Other benefits include new self-service business intelligence (BI) tools. Qlik Sense empowers Quooker employees to do their own analysis, without having to wait for data verification.

A free-flowing partnership

Going forward, 2Foqus will continue working alongside Quooker, guiding them on their transformation into a data-driven organization. Next up, the focus is on Qlik Sense Nprinting, which will allow Quooker to send automatically generated reports.

2Foqus will also work on forecasting, plus ongoing improvements to Quooker’s self-service BI tools. Together, they’ll work out how to set up these digital innovations as efficiently as possible. It’s a free-flowing partnership that shows no signs of drying up.

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