Delegate & Clever

Charging up our IoT expertise

Clever operates more electric vehicle (EV) charging boxes in Denmark than anyone else. Turning to Delegate, they wanted to develop a new backend system capable of keeping up with their exponential growth – all while delivering better quality data from their network of boxes.

An electric future

Times are changing. Electric vehicle sales will soon speed ahead of their petrol rivals – and Clever is reaping the benefits. An industry leader, they’re developing their business in both private and publicly accessible charging stations.

While worthy of celebration, this growth was putting a huge strain on their backend systems. It wasn’t just them either. The EV industry is still young and has poor communication protocols, fragile firmware implementations at charging points, and even poor connectivity. It all adds up to low quality data.


Delegate takes charge

Against this backdrop, Delegate and Clever began developing a new charge point management system (CPMS). Using Azure tech as a framework, The Digital Neighborhood company connected IoT sensors to each charging station. These now provide data insights for software implementations and have reduced installation times by up to 20%.

Then there’s the data lake. Clever can now store charging data from all their stations, using it for reporting, refunds, and billing information.

“At the end of 2018, it took 50 minutes to process and activate one B2B customer. Now it takes a minute. That’s a big reduction.”

Henrik Skyggebjerg
Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Clever
Now we accelerate

With Delegate’s expertise and Microsoft’s technology, Clever now has three front servers running in App Service. Each of these servers can handle 10,000 charging stations, massively minimizing the company’s scalability issues.

Errors and disruptions have also been cut, while efficiency has rocketed. The proof is in the numbers. Since 2017, Clever’s annual revenue has increased by 700%. At the same time, their workforce has doubled while serving seven times more customers. In short, they’re fully charged up and ready for the future.

You can read the whole case study here.

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