DMP & Landal GreenParks

Bungalows and backup systems

Landal GreenParks is a growing network of 70 holiday villages, spread all over Europe. Hugely popular, most guests book their country getaways on the Landal website. With more and more information being exchanged, Landal needed to ensure their data backup system was reliable and effective.

All done in six weeks

In collaboration with The Digital Neighborhood’s Data Management Professionals (DMP), Landal’s IT team spent just six weeks completing the data backup implementation. This even included upgrading the Commvault license to the latest possible version.

Alongside the upgrade, DMP connected Landal’s three backup sites. With the backup centralized, the number of tapes was minimized and the backup speed greatly accelerated. All this combined, allowed Landal to meet their goals within a very short timeframe.

The need for speed

Of all the Landal parks, 26 have their own IT infrastructure. Before joining forces with DMP, all this backup data was stored locally, meaning individual employees had to replace the backup tapes themselves as and when needed. This wouldn’t do.

With DMP’s expert help, Landal moved their data management online, allowing them to gain greater insights into their customers. As part of this process, they also had to modernize their old-fashioned backup system – centralizing their setup to create a virtually ‘tape-less’ environment that guarantees a better overview and security of data.

“We now have a backup environment with two fallback locations. It’s super secure.”

Elroy van der Hout
IT Consultant, Landal GreenParks
The future is now

“The future has already caught up with us,” admits Elroy Van Der Hout, an IT Consultant responsible for project innovation at Landal GreenParks. “We recently upgraded our capacity license because the amount of data we back up has increased significantly”.

With ambitious plans in the pipeline, this is just the start. Alongside DMP, Landal will need to automate, integrate, and link their systems more and more. Whereas initially their focus was on continuously modernizing the systems in their vacation parks, now the focus is on the internal organization. There’s a long way to go – and DMP will be there every step of the way.

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